2012-03-29 Trevor ElliottSwap the repository url to the github url master
2012-02-29 Adam WickMake the Hans stack work with older, non-HaLVM versions...
2012-02-29 Adam WickUse Windows' default receive buffer size instead of...
2012-02-29 Adam WickFix the Xen Ethernet device to use lazy bytestrings...
2012-02-29 Adam WickUpdate some library requirements, particularly for...
2012-02-24 Adam WickGenerate random initial sequence numbers for TCP sessions.
2012-02-24 Adam WickEmulate a Windows ... thing ... in which IP ident numbe...
2012-02-24 Adam WickAlways generate a new IP ident, instead of only doing...
2012-02-24 Adam WickUpdate time library version requirements for the demo.
2012-02-17 Trevor ElliottAdd host/port information to sockets
2012-02-16 Trevor ElliottFix a UDP header length bug in Hans.Message.Udp
2012-02-10 Trevor ElliottClose connections that aren't opened or listening
2012-02-09 Trevor ElliottAdd sendUdp to Hans.NetworkStack
2012-02-09 Trevor ElliottDocumentation
2012-02-09 Trevor ElliottMove handle accessor classes
2012-02-09 Trevor ElliottBetter UDP support in Hans.NetworkStack
2012-02-09 Trevor ElliottExport a TCP interface through Hans.NetworkStack
2012-02-09 Trevor ElliottMatch the placment of the stack argument with the layer...
2012-02-08 Trevor ElliottInstances for UdpPort and TcpPort
2012-02-07 Trevor ElliottDocumentation
2012-02-07 Trevor ElliottExpose udp header parse/render functions
2012-02-07 Trevor ElliottAdd functions to start layers
2012-02-07 Trevor ElliottPort the example and dhcp client to the Hans.NetworkStack
2012-02-07 Trevor ElliottRemove Hans.Setup in favor of Hans.NetworkStack
2012-02-07 Trevor ElliottAdd a new Hans.NetworkStack module
2012-02-07 Trevor ElliottRemove warnings
2012-02-07 Trevor ElliottUse the newest time library
2012-01-24 Adam WickMove udpProtocol into Hans.Message.Udp to match tcpProt...
2012-01-18 Trevor ElliottCorrect missing type import
2012-01-18 Trevor ElliottFormatting wibble
2012-01-18 Trevor ElliottRemove unnecessary "unless null" construct
2012-01-18 Trevor ElliottFix IP4 checksum generation
2012-01-17 Trevor ElliottWarning removal
2012-01-17 Trevor ElliottVersion number bump
2012-01-17 Trevor ElliottRework to take strict bytestrings in, and render lazy...
2012-01-17 Trevor ElliottCommenting
2012-01-17 Trevor ElliottUse specific parsing functions instead of encode/decode
2012-01-17 Trevor ElliottWarning removal
2012-01-11 Trevor ElliottRemove Serialize instances for UdpPort
2012-01-11 Trevor ElliottRemove the Serialize instance for Lifetime
2012-01-11 Trevor ElliottDon't rely on Serialize instances for ethernet frames
2012-01-11 Trevor ElliottAdd cabal-dev to the gitignore
2012-01-11 Trevor ElliottReorganize dependencies a bit
2012-01-11 Trevor ElliottMove the broadcast addr constants into their address...
2012-01-11 Trevor ElliottRely less on Serialize instances
2011-05-24 Trevor ElliottTemporary fix for allowing uploads to hackage
2011-05-24 Trevor ElliottFix attribution in the top-level license
2011-05-24 Trevor ElliottLicense is actually BSD3
2011-05-24 Trevor ElliottRemove -O2 in hans.cabal
2011-05-24 Trevor ElliottUpdate LICENSE and hans.cabal to include the authors...
2011-05-24 Trevor ElliottInitial import